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Benefits: why do companies use temporary employment agencies?

Employees of a personnel service provider primarily act as flexible manpower resources for unforeseen work at seasonal peaks, disease-related failures, special tasks, temporary projects or holiday coverage. Thus, they are a sensible alternative to other common solutions, such as overtime pay or employment of temporary helpers.

Even in times of high unemployment, bottlenecks can occur in the range of manpower with specific skills. To overcome these standard difficulties in searching the workforce, companies turn to temporary employment agencies.

In addition, many companies take advantage of the opportunity give deeper observation to temporary employees and consider if they should be brought on as permanent staff. At the same time, this kind of "employment on trial" minimizes the employer’s risk of sourcing their own personnel.

Further advantages

  • Extensive and variable personnel pool
  • Targeted training and education measures (also tailored to client’s requirements)
  • Low risk in times of short-term fluctuations or changes in production volume
  • Planning certainty thanks to transparency of costs
  • Short response times by using short and direct communication paths
  • Saving your own resources

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