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What is temporary work?

Companies in Germany, among other things, use temporary employment agencies in addition to conventional working relationship, in order to make personnel resources planning more flexible.

Also your business can be effectively supported by temporary workers supplied by a personnel service provider. In this case, the temporary employment agency always remain the employer of such workers. Gain from the extensive experience of personnel service providers!

License is always required.

To supply temporary workforce, all German temporary employment agencies need a special license issued by the Federal Employment Office.

Unlike "ordinary" employers who are only supervised by tax and social security authorities, the temporary employment agencies undergo regular checks by the competent regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency. The latter checks their compliance with the provisions of the German Labour Leasing Code.

Safety is important to us.

Temporary workers have to fulfil changing requirements of different companies with different fields of activities. Therefore, before they start their new jobs, it is important to check their skills and vocational qualification, to prepare them for their new activities and to inform them on the occupational safety and health protection measures at the respective companies.

The occupational safety regulations at the workplace also applies to the temporary workers.